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Your pet is longing to talk with you. Together let's make that happen!

*are you worried about your pet?
*do you wish you could get ‘inside their head’?

*do you need support and reassurance?

*are you grieving a departed pet?

         ...then please reach out! that you achieve

*better understanding

*new solutions 

*a deeper bond

*access to a new dimension

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Hello, I’m Anya, founder of Connected Souls. I'm an animal communicator, intuitive channel, coach and healer.

If you're interested in reading more about me, you can do that here: 



If you're looking to open up a dialogue between you and your pet, my Soul-centred approach will make that possible. This will support their well-being and yours, their healing and yours.


Anything goes, from discussing physical issues, behaviour problems, to wider subjects too. I’m led both by your needs and what your pet needs to share.

All of this, and more, is brought to you in my one to one sessions for you and your animal companion. These are totally unique to you both.

You and your animals will feel safe, heard and supported in our work together.

In the meantime, you can sign up here to get my free guided visualisation, "Breathing with Your Pet"...



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Animal Communication for Harmony in the Home

This is a 2 part programme which includes communication, coaching, guided meditation and healing if needed. This is for you if your animal needs help with behaviour, health, or anything you worry or are puzzled about. 


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Still together

A special communication session allowing you to ask your pet in Spirit whatever you like, and hear their perspective and wisdom


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Here for You

Your animal companion answers your burning questions for YOU – offering you help, advice and insights.  A reading channelled by your pet through me to guide and inspire you!




Dr Ruth Roberts, veterinarian
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