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If you're curious to know more about me...

I've been communicating with animals and transmitting their messages to people since the early 1990’s. Animals and Nature bring me such peace, and my life's journey has been 'peopled' by my animal encounters,  both domestic and wild, and forged by the powerful experiences we have had together over the years.

Although I started my working life in publishing, for over 30 years I worked as a professional body therapist, energy healer and guide, first in London, then in France.


I trained in reflexology and wrote the book “Reflexology – an introductory guide to its uses”, published in 1990 by Random House. I also trained in therapeutic massage, Zero Balancing, Reiki,  shamanic practices, and Soul Realignment, among other modalities. I adapted many of these methods for my animal friends too.


In my work with people and animals, I combine coaching and my own method of energy healing with inter-species communication. These can all work beautifully together, allowing for truly deep connection, and an opportunity for transformation for the animal, and often for their human too.

Whist I'm now retired from hands-on bodywork, I continue with my work as a Soul Realignment practitioner for people, and of course as an animal communicator, healer and coach. I constantly study, learn, refine and hone my skills – this is a lifelong journey. 

My trainings and qualifications over the last few years include:

ProDog Trainer with Absolute Dogs (Lauren Langman and Tom Mitchell)

Partnership Coach with Dancing Hearts Dog Academy (Kathy Kawalec)

Animal Communication Made Easy with Pea Horsley

Advanced Animal Communication trainings with Val Heart and Dr Cara Gubbins

Mentoring with Joanne Yeoh

and more.....

For many years now my home has been in the French Pyrenees, shared with my husband and 2 elderly cats (our beloved dog Zoe recently passed away). We're also blessed to be surrounded by many wonderful wild creatures in the forests and mountains all around us, and in our garden.

Anya and Zoe Image1 - Copie.jpg


* helping people and animals to reconnect

   * sharing messages from our animal friends

        * guiding people through the wisdom of Nature


* A world where animals, Nature and All of Life are honoured, loved and respected by human beings. 


* A world where we as a species express our highest potential and are able to hear the wisdom all around us, as we get in touch with our own.

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